The vibrant city of Sharjah is a perfect holiday stop for you and your family. With a plethora of tourist destinations such as the age old traditional souks, state of the art luxurious shopping malls, museums, entertainment services. It is one of the well planned cities of the world and travelling through the city itself gives a sense of satisfaction to the visitor. With widely amendable and flexible tourist places, a trip to Sharjah can always be tailored according to one’s interests so as to make the vacation here an unforgettable experience.


Al Qasba
The most visited tourist facility in the city because of the high value of entertainment provided at different avenues of this place. Different innovative attractions are on display in AL Qasba which are built around the ethnic and traditional Arabian style inviting a sense of curiosity and excitement among the visitors. During the Ramadan season the entire place lights up with festivities and goodies and is a treasure for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.

Eye of the Emirates
When you are tired of moving around the city on land, go aerial. The Eye of Emirates provides an astounding aerial view of the city and of the Sharjah cornice and lagoons. The neighbouring city of Dubai can also be viewed from here. It travels to a height of 60 metres above the ground and is capable of catering to 336 passengers at a time.


Arabian Wildlife Centre
Located strategically close to the airport, this could be the first stop or the last stop in your travel schedule to Sharjah depending on your convenience. The Arabian wildlife Centre houses close to 100 species in their natural surroundings. It has an exotic collection of the animals found inland and some of the species that are on the Red List facing the threat of extinction.

Al Hisn
A visit to Old Sharjah is incomplete without a bit of history. Constructed in 1820, the two storey fort situated in the Al Shukh district is a sight to behold. Having been converted into a museum, the towering Al Hisn houses a collection of old coins, jewellery, ancient arms and ammunition. The fort and its surroundings are well known for pear trade.

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