Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan

The beautiful port town of Khor Fakkan situated near the Gulf of Oman offers various avenues of tourist interests. If you are tired of seeing the sandy landscape and want to escape from the windy sand dunes, Khor Fakkan is the right place for you in the United Arab Emirates. This lovely city has a bay, which plays an important role in adding aesthetic appeal to the Khor Fakkan. This is an important place from an economic point of view as container vessels dock here at the terminal. With a highly diverse landscape, Khor Fakkan truly stands out from other places in the UAE.

As in most other places in the UAE, one of the major attractions of Khor Fakkan are the beaches. With white sand beaches spread across the shoreline, one simply can only marvel at the amazing beauty of the place. The beach area also has lot of water sports activities. You can simply take your gear and go snorkelling under the sea or even para sailing above the sea. Other prominent water activities include wind surfing, diving and water skiing.

Al Wurrayah Falls
The towering magnificent falls is one among the very few falls in the United Arabian Emirates and is one of the most sought after tourist locations in Khor Fakkan. You can beat the heat by taking a bath in these lovely waters of Al Wurrayah.


Mountain Terrain
Aside from the water sports, Khor Fakkan is flanked by gigantic mountainous terrain which is a sight to behold in itself. Tourists are often taken on a ride through this rough terrain and to the Rifaisa Dam which is peppered with a number of beautiful stone houses.

Khor Fakkan Fort
For those history geeks, Khor Fakkan has something really special in store. Visitors can easily spend a day exploring the ruins of the 100 year old Khor Fakkan Fort and the four domed mosque which were destroyed by the Portuguese during their invasion long ago.

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