Fujairah is the only emirate that lies to the eastern end of the UAE, along with Gulf of Oman, while the other six emirates are located along the Arabian Gulf. Fujairah is separated from the rest of the country by the Hajar Mountains. The clean beaches and the exhilarating water sports such as water surfing, yachting, swimming and deep sea fishing are some of the major tourist activities in Fujairah which draw tourists all year long.

Fujairah Fort
The Fujairah Fort holds the distinction of being the oldest fort in the entire of UAE. The fort was built in 1670 as a defensive building and as a home for the Royal Family. During the 20the century, it was reduced to ruins and was later renovated. Presently it is the only stone building along the entire coast of Fujairah. One can easily spend hours at end in exploring this fortress.


Fujairah Museum
Majority of the collection at the Fujairah Museum consists of archaeological findings from the sites of Bithnah and Qidfa. The museum houses artefacts as old as 3000 years which includes pieces of steel, brass, bronze, silver and gold, apart from carved soapstone vessels, painted pottery, age weapons, pre-Islamic silver coins, swords of various shapes and sizes, beautiful silver jewellery collection, herbs and folkloric medicine. One of the famous displays at the museum is a 2200 year old Ostrich egg which was used a bowl by the local ancestors.

Bull Butting
The daredevil sport of Bull Butting is a family event in Fujairah. Having found its roots from Portugal, Bull Butting is an openly contested event in Fujairah on Fridays as hundreds of locals swarm in to see the bulls in action. Every day begins with 20 bulls in the competition and the winner of the duels move on to the next round. Bull Butting is one among the many famous tourist attractions in Fujairah.

Ottoman Mosque
The Ottoman Mosque is on eof the oldest mosques in the whole of UAE. Locally known as Fujairah – Al Bidyah Mosque, it was named after the historical town that embraced its existence for centuries down the line. Ottoman was the person who built the mosque and was named after him. A central pillar separates the internal space into four squares of similar dimensions. The pillar supports all four domes seen from the exterior. The intricate architecture in the olden days is sure to give a welcome surprise to the visitors.

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