Abu Dhabi

This rapidly changing city is bound to allure you back if you have visited this city even once. For first time visitors, Abu Dhabi promises to enthral and entertain. Luxurious malls, sprawling parks, extensive golf clubs and desert safaris make up for the majority of tourism in this Middle East city.

With a plethora of activities to choose from, you will find it difficult to fix your mind and body in a single place as you will constantly find yourself in dilemma as to whether you should continue in the place you are in or if you should move on to explore the marvels of the next place.

Abu Dhabi Library and Cultural Centre
This state of the art library houses close to two million books and is one of the largest collections in the world with supreme architecture and provides an excellent ambience. The Cultural centre is a hub of activity. Get your hands patterned with Henna and revel in the Arab traditional attire.


Abra Boat
Ride the traditional abra boat through the man made waterway that is constructed through the elegant Shangri-La Hotel. The boat ride is so fashioned that you can make stops in between to purchase freshly plucked vegetables and fresh fish.

Womad (World of Music, Arts and Dance) is a festival that lights up the city in joy and brings out new dimensions to the place. Cross cultural performances are on display and bear witness to ethnic art forms and traditional music amongst other festivities that adorn the festival.


Ferrari World
Stepping into the Ferrari World essentially means stepping into a whole new world of excitement and into a sophisticated world of some of the most advanced cars in the present scenario. With a multitude of rides and an amazing display of shiny cars, Ferrari world provides a window of opportunity to check out supercars up close to all those car geeks out there.

Desert Walk
When you are done with the activities of the day and want a real taste of the desert, pick up a pair of walking shoes and head straight into the Empty Quarter. Do not miss the peculiar feel of riding a desert camel while you are here.

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